Another Movie to Avoid

Hey, what is it with these movies in which everybody dies? My wife and I just watched The Grey, starring Liam Neeson, a 2011 survival story in which nobody survives. And along the way, the screenwriters give you an atheist message to go along with it–like finding half of a dead waterbug in your tainted potato salad.

A plane crashes in the Alaskan wilderness and Liam Neeson, a professional wolf hunter, tries to lead the crash survivors to safety. He needn’t have bothered. Nobody makes it. The ones the wolves don’t kill, the weather polishes off.

Well, you bunch of sophomoric movie-makers, I say “Piss on you!” And on your pathetic and defeatist message, too. Is this how you get critics to say you’re smart? Fooey! Boo! Hiss! I defy you. My cat empties her glands in your direction.

I think it says something about our civilization, that it produces movies in which all the characters die.

I think our civilization had better get its act together before it becomes more of interest to archeologists than to bloggers.

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  1. When Dallas started making short films he gave up entering “secular” film festivals because the best films never won. It was always the artsy, death culture films that were considered the “best.” Very profound and thoughtful. If that’s what it takes, we don’t want to be the best.

    1. This movie was an abuse of the storyteller’s art. That’s what cheese me off about it. There is still smoke coming out my ears. I mean, what are these idiots trying to tell us?

      Hey, everybody. If you’re reading this, watch Greg Lammiman’s movie, “Remember,” instead.

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