Let’s Scrap the Constitution!

“I’ve got a simple idea,” says Louis Seidman, a constitutional law professor at Georgetown University. “Let’s give up the Constitution.”

It’s simple, all right. Is there a law that says college professors have to be fools? This clown wants to junk the Constitution because it’s “archaic” and “downright evil.” He thinks we’ll get along just fine without it. I haven’t got space to go into his whole vacuous argument. Let this quote suffice:

“Even without constitutional fealty, the president would still be checked by Congress and by the states.” LOL “There is even something to be said for an elite body like the Supreme Court with the power to impose its views of political morality on the country.” I won’t repeat what I have to say about this opinion. You can probably guess.

Well, who needs a written Constitution, when we can be governed by the fleeting whims, venal schemes, and power-lust of a bunch of sinners and chowder-heads in Washington?

I wonder how much it costs to send your kid to Georgetown to learn how to be an amoral idiot.

4 comments on “Let’s Scrap the Constitution!

    1. He’s also a law professor at a Catholic university. I wonder how many points “idiot” was worth on his job application.

    2. Lee, your first sentence is a redundancy. Many of my Catholic friends now say that it’s safer to send their kids to a secular university where at least they KNOW they’ll be hearing dangerous atheistic, leftist nonsense and will be better prepared to defend themselves against it.

  1. I would like to see our U.S. Constitution amended to impose term-limits on our Senators and Representatives. Also one that calls for a balanced budget. We have both in Arkansas and they work wonderfully (too bad we didn’t have them when Bill Clinton was our Governor for 11 years who raised taxes like crazy and then took his lying, immoral campaign to the White House).

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