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A dear and esteemed friend has privately objected to the strong language I used yesterday in reviewing The Grey. Well, what can I say? That movie really cheesed me off. In fact, I’m still angry.

Let us not forget that a movie is a story that is told, and nothing happens in the movie that the screenplay writers didn’t want to happen. In this case, I think it’s obvious that the purpose of this screenplay was to create a two-hour infomercial for atheism. The writers manipulated events so that, at the end of the movie, they could say to their audience, “See? There is no God! There’s only do0m, defeat, and despair!” And they took a great deal of trouble to set us up for this.

As a storyteller myself, I resent this abuse of the storyteller’s art. What kind of message is that–“It doesn’t matter what we do, there is no God, and we’re stuck”?

I’ll tell you what kind of message it is. It’s a lie. And it’s lies like this that are turning our Western civilization into a ruin. Shame on those who told it. Shame on Liam Neeson for prostituting his talent to it. Shame on all who are so in love with their own cleverness that they’re not clever enough to understand they’re serving Satan.


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  1. You are one writer I admire and your comments are “right on.” I , too, am a writer, and I apprciate these kinds of criticisms. To prove you agree with him, how about getting HIS books. You won’t be sorry and you won’t get dirty reading them. In fact, you will be the better for it! I know; I’ve read them all and am waiting for the next one!

    1. The Fugitive Prince should be out sometime before the summer, Dorothy. We’re waiting on the cover artist, and the typesetting is not yet finished.

  2. Lee, as a fellow Christian writer and movie buff of sorts, of course you are right to put down on your word processor or piece of paper what you feel is right.

    However, since we still live in a world that even denies there is an entity such as satan, or God, what else can we expect.

    I just finished watching another one of Virginia Christine’s earliest movies, “The Edge of Darkness,” 1943.

    Her bit part was the tiniest role of all the movie; however, it was the pivotal one as well. A small village of plain, everyday people, inhabitants of a German occupied Norwegian town grab whatever they can to combat the German army.

    Here we see a very plain looking 23 year old Christine taking up a shotgun, pick and whatever else she could find to help counter-attack the mighty Nazi invaders. All the while she and the villagers had only one musical theme on their lips, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God!”

    I am not advocating a violent uprising at this time. I simply think that God is doing a “whole lot of shaking”. However, perhaps if the Christians would indeed get down on their knees and pray, living a holy uncompromised life, just perhaps He will then hear from Heaven and heal our land.

    As another commentator posted, “Satan is pulling out all the stops now that he knows his time is running out. If we resist him, he will take off.” Let us first resist with some practical spiritual warfare and I am sure that just as Jesus stated, the devil will then flee.

    1. Frankly, I expected a kind of survival movie in which those who live come out of the experience better than when they went in: I was even hoping for a message of redemption. I was not expecting the kind of crapola I actually got!

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