‘Sno Picnic When It Snows

Granted they got hammered pretty hard in New England; but here in the New York metropolitan area, people freak out over snow for no reason but that the media tell them to.

The forecast for New York City yesterday was for 10 to 12 inches of snow. So naturally there was nothing on the radio all day long except chatter about the impending snowmageddon, the storm to end storms, blah-blah… It was a perfectly typical snowstorm for this part of the country, and people carried on like they were going to wind up with the Donner Party.

Let me ask you nicely, folks: please, please, please stop believing the so-called “news” media. They hype, they spin, they lie. They sit on stories that make Democrats look bad (which means they sit on just about every true story about public affairs). They suppress. They get a real charge out of scaring people. Some of them, if they ever discovered afterward that they had accidentally told the truth about anything, would go out and hang themselves.

Here in New Jersey, the only hard thing about this snowstorm was having to listen to the media trying to panic people–and seeing them succeed.

3 comments on “‘Sno Picnic When It Snows

  1. You’re right on Lee. It’s like chicken little and “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” Even if it’s not falling, they makeup some asteroid about to hit Al tuna, Pa.

    Of course, wearing flip-flops in Miami and sitting in a/c is great, until we get another back-to-back hurricane season, God forbid.

  2. Ever hear of MRC? M stands for media; R stands for research; C stands for center: Media Research Center. They are trying their best to ourwit the scare mongers, lie peddlars, the politically “correct” media. And they are doing a good job. You might want to find out what, exactly they are doing!

    I’m so sorry New York got all that snow. They didn’t leave a bit for us up here in the northern woods of California! All we could do is sing “I’m Dreaming About A White Christmas.” So sad!

    1. I get MRC emails every day. They’re mostly concerned with the media lying about public affairs. I haven’t seen them get involved with scare-mongering about ordinary weather.

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