On a Snowy Sunday Afternoon

Everything outside wears a shining white mantle of snow, and icicles glitter from the eaves of all the houses. God has painted another beautiful picture.

Sometimes I am not able to follow the example of the Macabees, who laid off fighting on the Sabbath (unless they were attacked). If you’d like to see this morning’s set-to, go to the Chessgames.com website ( http://www.chessgames.com ), scroll down to “Chessforums,” click it, and then scroll until you find the “Playground Player Chessforum,” with the little green dinosaur for an avatar. That’s my forum. Click it and follow the discussion, in which I attempt to defend the right of a Christian baker in Oregon not to be forced to create a cake for a lesbian “wedding.” The state is flexing its muscles, trying to compel this man to do something abhorrent to his conscience. Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it?

But that’s done for the time being, and we’re going to spend the afternoon watching the wonderful old BBC rendition of C.S. LewisThe Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Part III of The Chronicles of Narnia. It’s vastly better than the fancy new 3-D movie version that came out a little while ago.

I love these stories because they never fail to remind me that, no matter how aggressive our statist bullies are today, Christ is King–and He shall reign forever and ever.

6 comments on “On a Snowy Sunday Afternoon

  1. “Forever and ever and ever and ever….”! I guess that’s what I like best about “The Messiah.” Some day we’ll hear it more than at Christmas time! I can’t wait!

    P. S.: C.S. is my favorite author.

  2. Forgive me Lee, I’m rather new to your posts, do you have a listing of any site that offers Christian-based movies? I’m unfamiliar with “Narnia,” but I know it’s a Christian classic. I think I might go there when I’m finished downloading films featuring Virginia Christine…wow! …in the hundreds…

    There is a method to my madness and it is leaving a trail, one day I’ll be able to share how your site got involved with my research on V.C.

    1. I wouldn’t know any particular site. You see, a lot of “Christian movies” have the Christianity stuck on like a decal. Ditto “Christian fiction,” etc. With The Chronicles of Narnia, on the other hand, you can’t separate the story from its Christ=centered message. They have sort of done that in the new movie versions, and the result is an inferior product.

      Movies with overtly religious themes–like “The Robe,” or “Jesus of Nazareth”–are another category altogether. You may have noticed they’re not making as many of them as they used to. When you say “Christian-based movie,” I think of a story that is not a Bible story but is nevertheless meant to bear a Christian theme.

      If you read some of my posts in the archives, ones about Christian fantasy or un-Christian fantasy in particular, you’ll see what I mean.

      By the way, what would you like me to call you? Lady? Ladywiz? VC2?

    2. Thanks Lee for your insight on Christian-based movies.
      I’ve noticed over the years how “anointed,” for lack of a better word, the old Hollywood Biblical epics used to be – even with godless producers/actors at the helm. God used them greatly in my childhood.

      LOL. As for my name, Ladywiz will do. I do have great admiration for the lady VC as she and her husband had one of the longest lasting, happiest and conservatively philosophical marriages in tinsel town – 53 years total. They lived and promoted Christian/American values when it was not very popular. She was also known as a wonderful, decent human being, as well as actress – but I’ll leave it at that for now.

      In the fullness of times the Lord will reveal what a tremendous part your blog has played on a journey of which only He knows its conclusion.

      Thanks so much for giving us this blog to come to and be able to post.

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