‘Equality Forever’

Our generic postage stamp features an American flag and the motto, “Equality
Forever.” And today we have assorted academics, political figures, and other brainless forms of life insisting that the aim of all our public policy must be… to make everybody in the country equal! That is, “equal” to everybody else.

For the record, our Declaration of Independence state that “all men are created equal”–and I hope you caught that word created. The idea is taken from the Bible. Throughout both the Old and the New Testaments, we are reminded that God is no respecter of persons (for example, Deuteronomy 1:17, Ephesians 6:9)–which means that God judges each person’s heart, and does not take into consideration such externals as wealth, social status, membership in this or that group, etc. We are all equal in the sight of God, who personally created each and every one of us.

It most emphatically does not mean that God intends for no one to have any more money, any more things, any more fun, any more anything than anybody else. And it most definitely does not authorize any bunch of government pinheads to try to enforce such equality.

Why do people in the academic world, and in Congress, have such ridiculous ideas?

Simply because they inhabit worlds in which ideas do not have consequences. Out here in the real world, stupidity and folly are usually punished with failure. In Congress, and in our great (or not so great) universities, the more preposterous your ideas, the more your feckless colleagues hold you in esteem. You’ll never get fired for being a nincompoop. You live in an artificial, protected environment in which pure rubbish is held to be deep wisdom.

It worries me that there are so many influential people in our republic with such asinine opinions–and the political power to put them into action.

They may not be able to make everybody rich; but history shows us that governments excel at making everybody poor.


11 comments on “‘Equality Forever’

  1. You pretty much covered the waterfront on this one. Not much to add, but the Scriptures warn us that in the last days, people would not endure sound teaching, and that people would call evil good, and good evil. It is happening continuously every day. Such a bunch of muddle-brain fools.

  2. The world of academia does, for the most part, seem like they hold themselves in much higher esteem than the rest of us. Present company – Lee and Phoebe – excepted, of course! This phenomena seems only to be getting worse, which, unfortunately affects the students of today who will become our future leaders. Scary!

    1. Sickening. And I’ll say it again–no more “school”! The schools have become unwholesome places for children, and there is no right reason to send them there. “No education” is a lot easier to fix than mis-education.

  3. CNN’s Chris Cuomo praised Castro’s government on TV as one that makes everyone equal by lifting them up. Does he mean, lift them up so they can be dumped into a hole of poverty and serfdom?

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