Video Interview

Check out this interview, with me, on AFA’s site.


7 comments on “Video Interview

  1. You dun well!!! See, it wasn’t that bad! Actually you did very well. CONGRATULATIONS! It was interesting to learn how you create your stories. And I got a laugh out of one remark because I’ve done the same thing. When God is our co-writer, we dodo amazing things. I’ve even read something and looked to see who wrote it and found to my surprise the same thing you did. Isn’t God awesome? My only comment is one that I would give everyone who’s been the guest on a talk show: “Always repeat your contact info whether it’s a phone no. or an e-mail address, or web site or….” I learned that quite a while ago.

  2. Well done, and you look much better without you beard. Paul

    Paul Herbert : family of Zimmerman sui juris sovereign living soul, holder of the office of Bexar County Sheriff Inhabitant on the land of Texas republic

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