A Truly Creepy Horror Story

Patty and I stayed up too late last night, listening to a BBC radio production of a dramatic reading of H.P. Lovecraft’s novelette, The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

This is one of the creepiest horror stories ever written. The narrator takes a side trip to a decaying Massachusetts seaport, Innsmouth, and winds up in a world of hurt. The whole place is rotting away, and the people are gradually turning into monsters as a result of certain pagan “religious” practices. His innocent interest in local history and architecture results in his being stalked by beings that are no longer quite human. And then it gets worse.

The BBC added a brooding musical background, and behind that are noises that you can’t quite make out, but it’s probably the inhabitants of Innsmouth chanting.

But now I know they weren’t chanting to their idols. They were merely participating in “cultural sensitivity training”!

I also understand, now, how Massachusetts came to be the way it is today.


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