Lovecraft Wasn’t Kidding

Very shortly after I posted my little review of The Shadow Over Innsmouth yesterday, I received news of the Massachusetts State Legislature‘s rush-rush, late-night passage of a “Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Act.” The news came with photos of a crowd of ugly, coarse-featured men in dresses and lipstick thronging the State House to celebrate their victory over sanity and decency, courtesy of their state’s Democrat ruling class.

The pictures were really much worse than anything H.P. Lovecraft ever imagined.

Maybe his Innsmouth story was true. Looking at those pictures, one can’t help thinking, “This is what comes of worshiping devils and mating with fish-demons from the ocean depths.” How else could such things be?


2 comments on “Lovecraft Wasn’t Kidding

  1. Maybe people will begin to realize there really are demons, or, as the Scriptures call them, “evil spirits.” You don’t suppose there are such moving around this country that has pretty much invited them in, do you? Well, I’d say, something evil is certainly becoming very bold.

    1. I suppose the question must be, “How evil can people get without the help of evil spirits?” I think the history of our times forces us to ask that question. But I don’t know what the answer is.

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