Canada Won’t Let You Know the Truth About Vampires

The Supreme Court of Canada last week ruled that you can’t speak the truth if the truth is hateful: that is, if the truth would be likely to cause a particular group to be “exposed to hatred or vilification.” They’re making hate against the law in Canada. If they succeed in this, we may see them outlaw other basic human emotions, too.

Meanwhile, here’s how it works: here are the limits which the court has placed on truth.

You can still stay, “I don’t want to live next door to vampires.” But if anyone asks why, you will be breaking the law if you answer, “Because vampires come out of their graves at night and suck the blood of the living.” You can’t say that–because if people knew that vampires do what vampires do, they might vilify vampires or even come to hate them. And it certainly goes without saying that you cannot say, “The only way you can stop a vampire from preying on the living is to drive a stake through his heart.”

In vain–or is it “in vein”?–you will argue before any Canadian “human rights (LOL)” commission or tribunal that what you’ve said is true: that vampires are a menace to the living. You may not speak any truth that might incite hate or cause “vilification” to occur. They won’t even let you explain why you wear a silver crucifix around your neck and have garlic hanging on your doors and windows. If you were to share such information, you would be guilty of hate speech.

Why does the Supreme Court of Canada wish to coddle vampires?

Your guess is as good as mine.

4 comments on “Canada Won’t Let You Know the Truth About Vampires

  1. My “guess” is not a guess! It hath been said: “The fool hath said there is no God.” The world is fool of fools but, notice, there are no fools among the animal kingdom. Just ask a dog who his master is and he will soon let you know. ” The ox knoweth his owner and the ass his master’s crib;…” . ” but my people knoweth not the judgmernt of the Lord..”

  2. Frightening to see where failing to believe in God leads. One step leads too another and the revelation of “fools” is so obvious. I have friends in Canada and I am wondering what they think of this insanity.

    1. It’s true that they don’t allow truth to be spoken if it’s “hateful.” But I made up the stuff about the vampires. That part is satire.

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