No Reincarnation Without a License!

If you think yesterday’s post was wild, get a load of this. But first it must be said that, unlike yesterday’s takeoff, **this is not a satire.** (The Supreme Court of Canada did rule that true statements may not be made if the truth tends to be “hateful.” But I made up that bit about the vampires.)

The Chinese Communist occupation government of Tibet has ruled that Buddhist monks may not be reincarnated without first getting permission from the government. This edict was handed down in 2006; it has taken seven years for the story to come out. A minute’s search on the Internet will provide you with the details.

The government of China is officially atheist. Don’t ask me why they’re trying to regulate something which they claim does not exist. Maybe somewhere in the Chinese government there is a Michael Bloomberg who wants to regulate everything whether it’s real or not.

Gee–what’ll they do if somebody goes ahead and gets reincarnated without their permission? And wouldn’t you like to get your hands on one of those permission forms?

Somewhere in Washington, or on the New York Times editorial board, is someone just fuming with envy because the Chicoms can do this and he can’t.


11 comments on “No Reincarnation Without a License!

  1. Too funny! And stupid.
    Let’s see… I guess that means that every time a Bhuddish is about to die, he has to have that form signed by an official. Then his assistant/fellow monk/whatever can have it ready at the funeral. But the problem is, if the guy doesn’t get his form filled out before he dies, and then reincarnates anyways, then the government has a couple of problems. First, they don’t know what he has reincarnated as. And second, they can’t punish him because he’s DEAD. But those are only minor hiccups to a bureaucrat 😀 :

    1. On the other hand, the Chicom governor of Tibet says the Dalai Lama mustreincarnate–no fannying about with electing or appointing a successor, only the old-fashioned way will do. So they’re sending a mixed message. What’s a poor monk to do?

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  3. This would be a hoot if it weren’t so frighteningly typical of the left. According to postmodernist theory, we create our own reality — but the power elites get to punish us if our self-created reality doesn’t please them, or, conversely, if we fail to accept and celebrate those self-created realities that do please them. Meanwhile, their own (self-created?) reality trumps everyone else’s. It’s not supposed to make sense. It’s just supposed to give them power.

  4. I wonder if the Sadducees have been made aware of this. They could deny permits all day and prevent resurrections too.

    There’s no satisfactory explanation for the idiocy that oozes from the left.

  5. In the West it is being legislated you can identify with any gender you want, and even make up genders. This seems kind of like the Chinese and their law against reincarnating – complete fantasy.

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