Christmas in March

Here’s another movie you’ve got to catch on youtube, free of charge: Poirot’s Christmas, a feature-length murder mystery starring David Suchet. Patty and I watched it last night, and it blew me away.

Against a background of beautifully-sung Christmas hymns (no “Frosty the Snowman” or anything like that), Hercule Poirot navigates his way through a complicated mess of crime, cruelty, murder, vengeance, and injustice–one of the nastier cases he’s ever had to investigate. Watching it had a strange effect on me: I found myself tearing up when the Christmas music started, and even praying silently. (I won’t tell you what I prayed, except to say I asked the Father to give Christmas more power in this poor, fallen world.)

Why this odd juxtaposition of crime and Christmas?

I can’t read Agatha Christie’s mind, but I can read my own. To ponder the crimes against the Christmas background was to me a very powerful reminder of why Our Lord Jesus Christ had to come here in the first place–a reminder that yes, He did come, and yes, He has saved us who put our trust in Him.

Not a bad achievement for a murder mystery.

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  1. David Suchet is wonderful as Aslan in the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre Narnia dramatizations. I’ll have to watch this 😀

    1. Wow! I like this guy more and more. Did you know he also played Joab, in the King Solomon movie starring Ben Cross. It wasn’t the good part of Joab’s career. And of course Suchet has a number of Bible projects going. Hats off!

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