Make Way For ‘The Fugitive Prince’

Typesetting for Book #5 of my Bell Mountain series, The Fugitive Prince, is finished. All we’re still waiting for is final proofreading, and the cover art by Kirk DouPonce, who has done all of the covers so far. Which means the book will be out before much longer–calloo, callay, o frabjous day!

The Fugitive Prince picks up the story where it left off at the end of #4, The Last Banquet. All of the surviving characters return, plus some new ones. God is by no means finished shaking up the world. But I’m afraid I’ll spoil it for you if I tell you any more.

Of course, you and your kids can always read fantasies about teenage girls using witchcraft to get that oh-so-hunky boy in Algebra I, or disagreeable characters killing each other off to get more power, or read nothing at all, and just play video games about killing this or that kind of victim. But if you’re visiting this blog in the first place, I reckon you’re looking for something better.

As long as you’re here, it’s easy to click “Books” and examine my babies: you can even read sample chapters. If enough of you were to do it, I could stop writing these flamin’ commercials disguised as blog posts. Buy my books, and help me keep my self-respect.

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  1. I can hardly wait! Thanks, Paul

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