Goodbye, Mommy

We buried my mother today, in the town where she grew up, with her best friend, going back 83 years, at graveside.

I hardly know what to say. My emotions are still raw; I’m afraid to touch them. I know it will hurt. My eyes are sore.

Leaving the cemetery, we saw a new headstone. You won’t believe this, but it was crowned with the sculpted heads of… The Three Stooges. Moe, Larry, and Curly. The inscription said, “Don’t weep, laugh. It feels better.” I can hardly imagine what archeologists will think if they find this monument 3,000 years later.

I am not one of those Christians who thinks it wrong to mourn the dead. My mother, to be sure, is out of trouble now. Heaven has just become a livelier place. But her gain is my loss. It’s a big piece out of me.

I trust in God to heal me, as He always heals. But first I pay my tribute, in tears.

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  1. I understand your feelings as well as one human being ever can understand another’s, I think. I went through this after my father passed, then nine years later, my mother, then another ten years; my younger sister. There does have to be a time for the mourning even with the knowledge that the loved one is free and joyful in their new abode. We are not. We still live on this veil of tears until healing has taken place.
    It does grow easier with time, but for a time, we have to travel through.
    Shalom i your time of sorrow.

    1. “We are not…” You ain’t just whistling Dixie, sister. But we are paying our dues. We are, in the words of one old preacher I once heard on the radio, “tribulatin’.”

  2. Honey, she was God’s gift to you, the best He had. I have problems too with Christians who have been taught to only mourn for 30 days – and not too deeply. Who set up that religious more’?

    And she was blessed to have you and her best friend at her grave site. That says a lot. It may hurt for a while, I don’t think I’ll ever be over my mourning and that was four years ago for Mom, but “joy will come in the morning…”

    1. We are all tribulating, one way or another. Our hope is in the Lord who made heaven and earth. He will wipe away the tears and heal the hurts. He has His reasons for not doing it right away. I just wish I understood them.

  3. My wife of over 53 years, and loved one for 60 years, died aged 76 on March 5th 2013. The days worsen and time is not a healer; through prayer we grow to learn acceptance; death is an unavoidable part of life; the one consolation is that she is at peace with her Lord and Savior.

    1. Michael, all I can do is add you to my prayer list. I can’t imagine being in your situation. May God bind up our hearts. We are promised that He will, in the end. He will.

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