Another Thing We Can Do…

One of the main reasons our country is being so successfully destroyed from within is that several generations of Christians have allowed their children to be “educated” by feverishly anti-Christian teachers’ unions and education theorists, in the public schools.

Our children “know” only what these wicked persons have taught them, in addition to what they’ve picked up from movies, TV, video games, and what we laughingly call “music.”

Oh! But Christian school would cost too much! I can’t homeschool my kids, I’ve got to go to work–and anyway, I’m not qualified! Besides, public school is free! (I  could just scream, sometimes.)

Don’t you people know that Planned Parenthood has a “sex education” program in the public schools, funded by your tax dollars, to teach children in kindergarten and first grade–yes, you heard me right–to “explore your bodies”? Don’t know know that middle school and high school teachers, day in and day out, preach socialism, self-esteem, and sexual “liberty”?

Too many of you don’t want to know it. (“But public school is free!”)

Is it so hard to understand that, if you let people who despise you and all your values educate your children, your children will learn to despise you and all your values? I mean, is that rocket science, or what?

Pull tens of millions of Christian kids out of the public schools, and watch the whole “progressive” empire collapse overnight!

7 comments on “Another Thing We Can Do…

  1. I don’t think it would work because the same Christians that caved in to Disneyworld boycotts would run for the hills as soon as the feds came knocking on their doors threatening imprisonment for keeping their kids out of school.

    Don’t mean to be a party pooper Lee, but the only solution I believe is “HIT YOUR KNEES AND RETURN TO HOLINESS…” I didn’t mean to shout but we are at the tipping point right now.

    1. Actually, it’s perfectly legal to homeschool your children in all 50 states. That battle was fought and won some 30 years ago.

  2. Since I was first in grade school (Eisenhower administration), I have been of the opinion that parents should teach their children. I can understand the need to engage outside help for certain specialized subjects, but these instructors need to answer to the parents, not some nebulous board of bureaucrats. Fail to live up to the moral standards the parents uphold and that tutor loses a client. It’s just that simple.

    I started Kindergarten in 1959 and by first grade, I had my first taste of liberal indoctrination. By the time I finished, I was pumped full on nonsense that it took decades to reason my way out of. But reason I did, and my opinion of the public education establishment has only diminished.

    1. I’m thankful to have had a Catholic education all the way through grade 12, which I wouldn’t, even today, trade for anything offered in the public realm.

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