I’ve Got My Cover

This is my first Easter without my mother. But it’s her first Easter in Christ‘s Kingdom. As Prior Robert once said, in a Brother Cadfael episode, “Would you call her back from where she is?” She wouldn’t thank me for doing that!

Finally we have the cover art for Book #5, The Fugitive Prince, so it ought to be available to readers before the end of April. I’ll try to have it posted here. I hope you all enjoy Kirk DouPonce’s art work as much as I do.  I hope he’ll soon be ready to swing into action for #6, The Palace.

I have no idea how my books’ sales are doing, but I wish they’d keep pace with the progress of this blog. We’re not yet two years old, and readership here has tripled. Thanks to all of you for dropping in.

Now, if you could only somehow convince or coerce your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, casual acquaintances, and total strangers to buy my cotton-pickin’ books….!


2 comments on “I’ve Got My Cover

  1. Hi Lee, I follow your posts regularly. I’m inspired to hear that you’ve tripled your readership. How do you account for that. I’m seeing very regular posting and as well I think shorter posts. Do you think that’s the answer?

    Blessings on your work, Royal Hamel Royal Hamel Author of “Unmuzzle Your Inner Sheep” http://www.lightthedarkness.org Follow blog @ http://www.royalhamel.blogspot.com 519-836-3151 Follow on Twitter @royalhamel

    1. Wonderful to hear from you, Mr. Hamel! I’ve been reading you, via Robert Jason, for years.

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head–regular and shorter posts. Now if I could just get some folks to order my books!

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