A Writer’s Vexations

I’m sitting here trying to write, and there’s the gavone with the leaf-blower right outside my window. Shutting the window does no good: the bloody machine is as big as a jet engine. And, oh–here comes another one! Twice as much noise!

I spent the whole morning at the eye doctor’s, and as they were extremely slow-moving today, I got to watch tons of TV. A hundred and fifty cable channels to choose from, and they’re showing “Ambush Makeovers”? So I picked up an issue of New York Magazine, in search of some distraction, only to discover–very quickly–that just about every article in the magazine, regardless of its purported subject matter, turned into a commercial for homosexuality. It must be a very big thing for New Yorkers.

Whatever pearls of wisdom I meant to deposit here today, they’ve been driven out of my head. Pffft–gone! I suppose I could write about our glorious U.S. Senate trying to get rid of the Second Amendment without going through the lawful process of amending the Constitution–but it’s a done deal, what could I possibly say that would make any difference? They’ll be whittling away the First Amendment next (you only need it if you’re a community organizer or some idiot who works for MSNBC).

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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