A Horribly Scary Fantasy

How’s this for a far-out crazy fantasy?

The governor of a state gets caught using the services of a prostitute and all sorts of details emerge: we learn the guy leaves his socks on during the act of hanky-panky. He resigns in disgrace, but shortly afterward resurfaces as the host of his own TV show.

Another governor is exposed as a sexual predator and a degenerate, who also surrounded himself with crooks who robbed the state blind. He, too, resigns in disgrace, but shortly afterward resurfaces as the subject of a TV movie and a moral guru of some kind.

A high-profile Congressman has to resign because he got caught emailing nude pictures of himself to women who really did not want to receive them, but shortly resurfaces as a candidate for mayor of New York City–and they don’t laugh him off the stage.

A U.S. Senator is sued by foreign prostitutes for non-payment for services rendered. He is also exposed using his position of trust to get special favors for campaign donors. Finally, his neighbor in D.C. complains about loud orgies at all hours of the night. And nothing happens.

All of these wretches belong to the same political party, whose members regularly lecture the American people on how to live their lives. And this is the party in power.

Aren’t you glad it’s only a fantasy?

8 comments on “A Horribly Scary Fantasy

    1. Obviously it’s just not possible that a great and mighty nation would be governed by reprobates and idiots. I mean, that would never work!

  1. Let’s face it Lee. This is not a political issue – both parties have been caught numerous times with, excuse me, their pants down or totally off. What happened in Boston is only the beginning of more to come so hold on saints for a very shaky and scary ride. This is a spiritual issue.

    Thank God for sites like yours.

    1. Ladywiz, to me the difference between the parties is that ordinary Republicans still get upset with their leaders if they act like pigs, whereas for Democrats, that kind of behavior seems never to be any kind of hindrance. Notice I said “ordinary Republicans”! The GOP leadership has become notorious for its cowardice, double-dealing, vacillation, and stupidity–Gutless, Opportunistic Pipsqueaks.

      My friends often chide me for bringing politics to spiritual issues, and vice-versa. But this poor country of ours desperately needs godly leadership! I pray every day that the Father will raise some up for us.

    1. You put me in a difficult position. The old media–newspapers, magazines, TV news shows–are so corrupt and biased as to be virtually worthless as a source of information. The only thing they’re a source of is Democrat propaganda. So of course I rely on the internet as my primary news source. But here the problem is quality control. Anybody can put anything on the internet.

      I wish I could still open a newspaper and read some decent professional news reporting. I’ve been a newspaper reporter and editor, way back in the days when we really did try to get the facts of a story and report it accurately. Now they don’t try. They don’t even believe in truth or accuracy. But when you wander the internet, you need a nut detector.

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