My Favorite Fantasy Characters

Let’s have a little fun today. Here are a few of my all-time favorite fantasy characters, with a bit about what makes them my favorites.

1. Gollum from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Oh, yess, my precious–nice Smeagol, as nice as fisssh, sss! Maybe it’s because I can do a really good Gollum imitation. Maybe it’s because it’s so easy to imagine Gollum doing a commercial for Viagra or Cialis. He’s also the only sushi fancier in all of Middle-Earth–a truly unique character.

2. Lord Gro in The Worm Ouroboros. He’s the smartest character in the book, and yet he can’t shake a need to be on the side that’s losing. So he’s always switching sides–the wrong way. It’s the only way he can express his integrity! You’d think it would be confusing, but it’s fascinating.

3. Puddleglum in The Silver Chair (part of The Chronicles of Narnia). The dolorous Marsh-wiggle always expects the worst and never misses a chance to say so; but he keeps plugging away where an optimist might have long since given up–and his faith, in the end, is stronger than anyone else’s. Tom Baker (Dr. Who) plays Puddleglum in the old BBC rendition of the story. Once you’ve seen it, you can’t help loving this character.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Webb in the Freddy the Pig books. A middle-aged, happily-married pair of spiders, the Webbs are always ready to shine when the chips are down. They also give an occasional lecture, having met some famous spiders in their travels, sell war bonds, and give good advice–which is difficult because, being so small, it’s hard for anyone to hear them.

5. Mr. Toad from The Wind in the Willows. What can you say? The guy is irresistible. You just can’t keep him down! Which is another way of saying that he never learns his lesson.

6. Wytt from my own Bell Mountain books. Only the size of a squirrel, and utterly fearless, he’ll take on any foe regardless of size. If his little sharpened stick won’t do the job, he’s sure to think of something! His table manners leave something to be desired, though.

There, that’s half a dozen of them. I look forward to seeing who else y’all might add to the list.

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  1. Gollum: Ah, yes. Tolkien really did a great job of making us loathe and yet pity him. I can sometimes do a good Gollum impersonation, but my throat hurts afterwards 😀
    Puddleglum. Is. The. Best! I just love him. And Tom Baker brought him to life perfectly. He’s so sour and dour, yet he is a true friend, incredibly brave, and follows Aslan no matter how bad things look (to him, anyways).
    Mr. Toad: I can’t stand that guy. I have an aversion to any and all characters that seem so incredibly stupid that they never, ever in a million years will learn their lesson. And end up endangering their own lives and those of their friends. Agghh, don’t even get me started 😉
    Wytt: Oh, did I forget to mention that I got an Amazon gift card for my birthday and that I have bought Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar and that I’m on Cellar Beneath the Cellar and that I really like Wytt and I think he’s awesome (as are all the Omah)? Yeah 😀 Reviews are forthcoming!

    My own favorite fantasy characters:
    The Chronicles of Narnia
    Reepicheep, because he is just awesome. And incredibly loyal to Aslan. And not afraid of anyone or anything. And because he plays chess like he’s fighting a real battle.
    Eustace is a favorite because he’s a very well developed character, and because he’s pretty funny.

    The Lord of the Rings
    Faramir. He is principled, brave, and kind, and he loves books.
    Boromir. He may have been ensnared by the Ring, but his overall character was one of bravery, and he ended courageously. Plus, he’s got some great lines!
    Theoden has the best speech ever, and besides that he’s pretty awesome.

    Bell Mountain (so far)
    Helki the Rod. Obst thinks he’s crazy, but I don’t think so! He’s really fun 😀

    1. Funny–I was just thinking of Faramir. I’ve been revisiting Middle-Earth. You know it’s a fantasy if the good guys actually win. Certainly you know you’re not in 2013 America anymore.

      If you write reviews of Bell Mountain and Cellar Beneath the Cellar, don’t you dare let me miss them. I’ve found reviews hard to come by lately.

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