The Grand Poobah of Philosophers

I’ve just gotta get some rest this weekend. My wife tells me the little grey cells seem to be running on empty. I think I ought to smoke a cigar or two, and watch some fanciful movies, and get myself in the mood maybe to start writing Book #7 next week. It has a super title, but I’m not ready to reveal it yet–mostly because I haven’t yet discovered what it means.

Meanwhile, let me leave you with this thought.

John Dewey (1857-1952) is widely considered to be the all-time greatest American philosopher ever–the man who, more than anyone else, is responsible for the nature and the results of public education in America. That alone ought to be enough to get him chucked out of a high window. He also helped write The Humanist Manifesto I, penning the immortal words, “The universe is self-existing and not created.” Atheist knucklehead.

Among his other talents, Dewey preached the doctrine of radical uncertainty. According to him, we can never know anything for sure. Now according to me, no one can say “We can never know anything for certain”  (but knowledge is always for certain, or else it isn’t knowledge) without necessarily implying, “I can never know anything, either.”

That being the case, old sport, you not knowing anything, why in the devil’s tobacco pouch has anybody ever listened to you??? Why are you, a self-confessed stunata, America’s greatest philosopher?

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  1. Books? You write books? Of course you do….and I have read them! Anyone reading this and liking what dear old (oops) dear Lee writes here ought to be reading his books. I have even given some away! Keep up the good work, Lee. Someday C.S. will have to move over. D. R.

    P. S. wait ’til you read my newest!
    PPS you might want to look at my web site. noted>>>….here. Thanks, friend.

    1. Dorothy, which one is your newest?

      Hey, everybody–Dorothy has an awesome website, “American Christian History”. Check it out.

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