Teacher Creatures

You may live in the reddest of Red states, but your children will still get a Blue State public education.

In South Carolina, a fired/resigned teacher at Chapin High School will be paid $85,000 of the taxpayers’ money to buy him off suing the school district, where he was unjustly fired (just kidding!) in December for stomping on an American flag in his classroom, in front of his students.

He will also be paid his full salary, $31,000 in attorneys’ fees, and be given a glowing recommendation so he can inflict himself upon another unsuspecting community. (All reported at http://www.thestate.com/2013/05/06/2759418/chapin-teacher-got-85000-in-flag.html  )

Gee, if he stomps a flag in class everywhere he goes, he’ll only have to work a few days a year to get his salary, not to mention one of those luxurious teacher union pensions.

But go ahead, don’t mind me, anybody–just keep on sending your kids to public schools.

5 comments on “Teacher Creatures

  1. This is outrageous. Although it is not news to me, the way this mess operates, it is just one more reminder. I have preached against the school system for years, but not many will listen. My own two sons left public school early on, and they both learned 100 times more after the left than ever did in the schools, and with much less humiliation, bullying and time wasting nonsense.

    1. The problem lies with public school itself (I know you know that). Plus, the teachers’ unions have the same left-wing attitude in all 50 states.

  2. Well, every teacher’s contract that I have signed since 1968 in three different states – had us swear to a Loyatly Oath.

    Considering the example set by the Prez, we see how much a solemn oath matters these days.

    1. Aside from the question of loyalty, this cretin should have been suspended on the spot for carrying on like a big dillop in front of a roomful of kids. Or don’t they expect adult behavior from teachers anymore? If anyone had done that when I went to school, he would’ve been go so fast, his shadow wouldn’t have known where to find him.

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