Why I Haven’t Blogged Today

So we had to have the plumber here today, and the upshot of it is that the problem is a lot bigger than we thought and the landlord has to approve further work. Oh, boy. I dassn’t use the bathtub for the foreseeable future, lest I wind up on top of the stove via a collapsed bathroom ceiling. I once read about that happening to some guy who stayed at a cheap hotel in Mexico City.

Then I had to crank out a column, somehow, and when I was done with that, I had only enough energy left to go outside, smoke a pipe, and have a pleasant chat with the bunny. I’ve also been reading a life of Gertrude Bell, who traveled all over Arabia, alone, 100 years ago, got to know all the native sheikhs and emirs, and did more than anyone else to create what is now the country of Iraq. People don’t live lives like that anymore. Compared to her, Lawrence of Arabia was just some guy who once visited Jersey City.

Now it’s almost suppertime and I still haven’t generated anything of value for this blog today.

I will try to be back in form tomorrow.

3 comments on “Why I Haven’t Blogged Today

  1. Thank you, Lee. I enjoyed reading some research on Ms. Bell. Quite a lady. And, hey, plumbing is about all one can handle in one day. Tomorrow is another day.

  2. I hope you have a couple of spare buckets. I had to use them down here in Florida after several back to back storms. Hey, on a lighter and cleaner side, I downloaded Miss Marple and hope to add her to my collection of videos – YouTube will no doubt go “payor” in the future eventually. Hang in there my dear brother…

    1. It looks like the actions of the plumber have only made things worse. Also, our computer has decided not to let us watch youtube anymore. Someone’s supposed to come and fix it Thursday. *sigh*

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