The Most Trusted People in America

In a poll taken by Reader’s Digest recently, Tom Hanks was exalted as the #1 Most Trusted Person in America.

Can I please wake up now?

It was a long list, and some 40% of it was actors. And lots and lots of TV “personalities.” Do you think Americans might have difficulty distinguishing between actors and the characters they play?

Almost everybody on the list was a big fat lefty, politically, with a very small sprinkling of “moderates.” This is extraordinarily hard to believe. Where did they take the poll–in the faculty tea room at Harvard? Nary a Republican on the list, but bunches and bunches of Democrats. Funny–I can’t think of a single Democrat for whom I have even an iota of respect. And as for trust…

I dunno. I guess most of the people I have a lot of respect for are dead. Moses. Paul. George Washington. King David. St. Athanasius. Their words still live. Their service to God still lives.

I’ll put my list against this Reader’s Digest list of midgets anytime, anywhere.

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    1. Just for the record, they presented the respondents with a prepared list of names to choose from–almost all of them prominent libs, movie and TV stars, etc. And just to make double-sure they got the answers they wanted, they mostly asked people on college campuses. A total joke of a survey.

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