I think The Fugitive Prince has been sent off to the printer, or is about to be, so look for it to come on sale soon.

I have finished writing (in longhand, on a legal pad) the first several chapters of Book No. 7. Are you ready for this title? The Glass Bridge–pretty cool, eh? It comes from one of those old Abombalbap stories Ellayne is always reading. Yes, there was a pretty big mess to clean up at the conclusion of No. 6, The Palace. And no, I don’t know when that’s coming out. It’s written, and the first round of proofreading is done.

What’s The Glass Bridge all about? Well, that’s what I’m going to find out.

P.S. to ‘An Australian Tragedy’

Yesterday Patty discovered that Burke and Wills–the 1985 Australian movie about the expedition of the same name–is available on youtube, so we watched it.

If the screenwriters did take some few small liberties with the facts, I forgive them. This movie is gorgeously filmed and superbly acted. I found it very moving indeed–especially at the end, when the sole survivor of the expedition has to tell the public what happened. The struggle to cross the unknown vastness of Australia bore a disquieting resemblance to Scott’s fatal trek to the South Pole.

Why in the world did the British always manage to come down with scurvy?

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