Majoring in Idiocy

A bunch of college students at the University of Colorado Boulder–that state is going to pass Massachusetts on the way to rock-bottom–gleefully signed what they thought was a big “thank-you card” to the IRS. Their actions have been immortalized on video ( ).

OK, the thing was a hoax set up by a College Republican who wished to give liberal students a golden opportunity to make fools of themselves. They pounced on it. Meanwhile, former celebrity Bette Midler tweeted her thanks to the IRS: “Thank you! Thank you for denying 501 c-4 to any group who hates,” with her own Amen Corner in the background.

Apparently there are a lot of people who would just love to see the United States turned into a banana republic where the law is so fluid as to be no law at all, and the ruling party makes the rules from day to day. It’s called “fundamental transformation” and our first Voter Fraud President has pledged himself to it.

But the real issue here is that, in return for exorbitant tuition payments and a virtual guarantee of lifelong debt and problematic employability, students attending the University of Colorado have been thoroughly instructed in the fine art of clueless idiocy. All right, maybe a few of them signed the thank-you card for a goof. But who was Bette Midler goofing on?

Well, as the saying goes, freedom-schmeedom–as long as our guys are on top, who needs freedom?

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