Can I Wake Up Now, Please?

All of a sudden the freaks who shape our popular culture want girls to turn into boys and boys to turn into girls. What that is supposed to accomplish, who knows?

But in order to spur it along, they’ve come out with a new cartoon show pitched to children aged 2-11. Uh, the headline says it all: “SheZow brings gender-bending fun to Hub Network” ( ). The idea is, there’s this 12-year-old boy who puts on a magic ring so he can turn into a superhero who’s a girl… feh.

To quote from the article, “SheZow not only defeats the bad guys, but his new identity also helps Guy in his attitude towards the opposite sex.” Barf-bag, please!

This particular abomination originated in Australia.

My question is, why is this “gender-bending fun”, etc., such a swell idea? What benefit are we supposed to derive from having this kind of thing rammed down our throats? If there is some crackpot out there who can explain what great good this is to confer upon the human race, I’d be keenly interested to hear your reasoning.

Maybe it’s just a bad dream.

3 comments on “Can I Wake Up Now, Please?

  1. Considering that as a child I didn’t even know such things existed, I find it saddening that children have to be made aware of these issues at a tender age.

  2. Correction: It is Satan murdering our Christian culture using Liberals as his agents – the spiritual warfare of Ephesians 6. In order for a dictatorship of the elite to more easily control the masses, transgenderism is a powerful tool to keep the plebeians weak and confused and not capable of organized resistance.

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