How to Make Libs Think You’re Smart

If you ever feel the need to impress a bunch of progs and liberals, here are a few things you can say that’ll make them think you’re as smart as they are–one of the gang.

1. “Global warming causes homophobia, and vice versa.”

2. “We can too spend our way out of debt. Just watch!”

3. “Obamacare is a fantastic success, and only racists say it isn’t.”

4. “Diversity is everything, and anyone who doesn’t think so must be beaten senseless.”

5. “If the Bible’s so true, how come there’s nothing in it about evolution, past lives, or getting rid of capitalism? Huh? Huh?”

6. “The only reason anybody opposes amnesty for all those undocumented workers in the shadows, is because they can’t understand that America would be a better country if we made it more like Mexico or Somalia.”

Mind you, I’m not saying any of these statements is true. These are just things you can say to make libs like you and think you have a profound mind, just like theirs.

Why you should ever want to impress them is your own business.

6 comments on “How to Make Libs Think You’re Smart

  1. It is a worry but those statements might be regarded as facts by many Republicans, notably those in Congress. LOL

    1. That kind of thinking will drive them to their crying closets!

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