Help Wanted: Blathering Numbskull

As reported by CNS News, June 14, our beloved IRS is advertising for a “diversity and inclusion specialist,” with a starting salary of $123,758 a year. CNS quoted the tax agency’s help-wanted ad as saying the diversity specialist [please pass the barf bag] will “serve as a change agent–“ugh! blap!–“to provide strategies, solutions, training, tools, resources–” here it comes–“and thought leadership“–yes, thought leadership, whatever the sod that is–” on diversity and foster inclusion…” He, she, or it will also “build internal awareness” for diversity and inclusion.

I wonder what “internal awareness” means. I wonder what happens to you if you don’t have “internal awareness” for diversity and inclusion.

Has anybody noticed that, used in this context, the words “diversity” and “inclusion” have absolutely no rational meaning? So what we’re really talking about here is $123,000 and change, ponied up by the defenseless American taxpayers, for someone to prate and babble about things that are totally meaningless.

Oh–this prating fool who will cost us $123,000 will also be empowered to “effect minor disciplinary measures, such as warnings and reprimands”. And for those who like their crapola to finish with a flourish, the ad winds up with this:

“At the IRS, you will use your skills… to help make America stronger.”

I think my appendix just popped.

6 comments on “Help Wanted: Blathering Numbskull

  1. Who dreams up this gobble de gook? Have they nothing better to do with their time? Oh.. I guess it takes some serious thought to come up with more ways to fleece the “sheep”

    1. Hey, it’s our money that we had to work for–and they just such it out of our paychecks so they can hire their friends and sycophants to enforce “diversity” (by which they mean uniformity).

      Honestly, people, the liberal is your enemy.

  2. I do hope the petty cash funds available for this new position will be substantial because some of the tools they’ll need to keep on hand in their new offices will be play doh, coloring books and crayons, milk and cookies, a nap rug and some gender neutral dolls.

  3. I wish it WERE only nonsense. But I’m afraid it’s cultural Marxism — complete with thought police and enough vagueness in the description of goodthink so that anyone can be found guilty of crimethink.

    Well, okay, it’s also classic government empire-building: another fabricated position that requires lots of money, office space, and staffing, all of which in turn creates so much paperwork that the office needs even more of the same, which proves that the office is so important that it must be upgraded to agency level, which requires a raise in pay for the original officers, who then need more assistants, who require office space and equipment and assistants of their own…. And so it goes.

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