Promises, Promises

America took another giant step into the abyss yesterday, thanks to the Supreme Court taking upon itself the authority to nullify the word of God. I’ll have a lot more to say about that in my News With Views column next week, but for the time being, there’s one facet of it that deserves immediate comment.

No sooner had the black-robed maniacs ruled against traditional marriage, than our First Voter Fraud President came out with a pledge.

He promises that he won’t force churches to perform homosexual “marriages”.

Now, he wouldn’t say that unless he thought he could force churches to do it, if he wanted to. After all, his administration is already forcing Christians to pay for other people’s abortions and contraceptives.  So maybe in a month or two, this antichrist will change his mind, and he will force churches to defile themselves with same-sex parodies of marriage.

“But that’s okay,” he will hasten to reassure us. “I sure won’t force anybody to be in a gay marriage. I definitely won’t make gay unions compulsory.”

And then he’ll break that promise, too, because that’s what an antichrist does.

Meanwhile, I have only this to ask.

How far down are you going to sink, America, before you start to come up again–if ever you come up again?

And how much abuse will you take before you won’t take any more?

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