More Atheist Tomfoolery

Atheist buttonheads have unveiled their own pathetic monument outside the Bradford County Court House, Florida, to counter the presence of a Ten Commandments monument that, in a rare turn of events, they were unable to get removed.

I would have thought the mass graves in China and Cambodia, or the gulags in Siberia, would have been monument enough to atheism. But of course this particular brand of ankle-biter never has enough.

Their latest frenzy of activity is designed to hide the truth that, for all practical purposes, atheism has become the state religion of America, and the creed of its ruling class. Want proof of that? You need look no farther than last week’s infamous Supreme Court decision to gut the institution of marriage.

I am a fantasy writer, and I wish I could escape into my own books. I can’t. Nor can I impose my fantasies on the rest of the country. But atheists certainly can, and do; and socialists (plenty of overlap there!) can and do; and gender-benders can and do…

God save us.

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  1. I love how they say that Christianity is a violent religion. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones at a castle.

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