Important Notice: Shipping Rates to Canada

A couple of my readers in Canada have reported that they can’t buy my new book, The Fugitive Prince, because charges in excess of $22 per book to ship to Canada.

I have just been on the page which lists “Shipping Rates to Canada.” According to this, Standard Shipping (for one book) totals $4.99 (per shipment)  plus $4.49 (per item)=$9.48 to have one book shipped to a customer in Canada. With Expedited Shipping, the cost would be $6.99 per shipment plus $4.49 per item=$11.38.

Those are the rates as listed by on its official Help page.

Note: You can also order my books directly from the publisher, the Chalcedon Foundation, at . Click on “Store,” then “Books,” then “Fiction.” Or phone Chalcedon at 209-736-4365 (Ext. 12 for Orders). When Chalcedon HQ opens today, I will call and find out what is their shipping rate to Canada, and inform you accordingly.

I have no idea how two Canadian readers would arrive independently at the figure of >$22 shipping per book. But, happily, it does appear to be wrong.

PS–Upon further investigation, I can’t say whether the $22-$23 figure is right or wrong! But I have been informed that international shipping rates were sharply increased in January. Meanwhile, the shipping charge from Chalcedon (in California) to Canada is $12-$14 (depending on the weight of the book) for one book.

I admit it’s expensive, but governments determine international shipping rates and there’s not much any of us can do about it. So, ask yourself–“Would I rather read Lee’s book, which is noble and edifying and great, and keep it for myself and my family, or go to some stupid movie about a comic book and take my kids and spend $50 or $60 just to aggravate myself?”

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