I’m Sick

Yup, I mean it literally–sick as a dog, no figure of speech. So don’t expect too much out of me today. I was looking forward to working on The Glass Bridge, but I don’t think I can manage it now. Maybe this is one of those 24-48-hour bugs that shakes you like a terrier shakes a rat, and then drops you and moves on.

So my ambition for today extends no farther than to read some of the Andre Norton book I got out of the library. Search for the Star Stone (actually two books in one). That’ll be more than I could have done last night.

Andre Norton–remember her? One of the all-time greats in fantasy and science-fiction, flourished in the 1950s and 60s. If you’ve never read Andre Norton, you should remedy that right away. She started out as a fantasy writer, then branched out into science fiction; but to me her science fiction always had an air of enchantment to it. Nobody writes anything quite like it today. Then again, nobody but Andre Norton ever did.


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  1. I hope you are much better by now. Speaking of old books (or new ) have you read “Two Paths-And Then Forever” /sub title: Always A Remnant? If it sounds interesting I will have the author send you a pre-publication edition. Get well quickly.

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