Where Are the Children?

I was well enough to go on errands this morning, which took us up and down the county. I kept my eye out for children at play on a nice summer day.

Sort of like trying to spot the ivory-billed woodpecker.

Hey, this isn’t funny anymore–what have they done with all the children? No kids playing in the parks, or on the residential streets, or in the big back yards (all those swings and sliding-boards and see-saws going to waste). I did see maybe four or five very small children, all told, but I didn’t count them because they were with their mothers.

I was looking for free-range children riding bikes, playing ball, pitching horseshoes, messing around in the creeks, or just hanging out together without some adult breathing down their necks to make sure they follow the program. I couldn’t find any. Aside from the rare, lone adult pedestrian, the only sign of human life was people in cars. A visitor from another planet might mistake the car for a life-support system.

This ain’t natural, folks. I dread to contemplate a future inhabited by a generation whose every thought has been spoon-fed to it by someone else. Morlocks and Eloi, brethren. Morlocks and Eloi. God, save us.

2 comments on “Where Are the Children?

  1. Re. the children-remember I think we talked about this: “People don’t have them anymore.” However, those who do are very careful these days as to where they play. For instance: are they safe from kidnappers?; how about pedophiles? or nosey neighbors? or the truant officer looking for homeschooled children, or, if there are none of these, there’s always the bullies. Pray for our country!

    1. I remember, from about 15 years ago, a New Jersey politician pandering to what he called “the child sex abuse community.” Yes, he wanted their votes. And no, I’m not making it up. You’d think we would insist on an environment that’s safe for children, but we don’t. The only thing they want to protect children from is “homophobia.” Oh, and that new one, “transphobia.”

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