Give Me Taxes, Or Give Me Death

When we’re not being governed by perverts and criminals, we’re being governed by idiots and clowns.

A New Jersey Congressman who wants to be our next U.S. Senator has pepped up his campaign with the prediction that, unless Americans are forced to pay a “carbon tax,” magically stopping imaginary Global Warming by the mere expenditure of money, “millions will die.”

This is Congressman Rush Holt, who, for his efforts, is hereby awarded a Greegie for Egregious Stupidity in Public Office. This twit, this Democrat, says Global Warming–which is gonna kill millions of us unless we give him big chunks of our money–is caused by “the assault that corporate interests are waging on our planet.”

Damn that evil private sector! But not to worry–it’s Big Government to the rescue.

Hey, stupid–have you ever checked out the air quality around the cities of Red China? Here we have a government that won’t let you be reincarnated without their permission. Government doesn’t get any bigger than this.

How is just coughing up more taxes supposed to save our lives? He can’t be suggesting that government would ever do anything with more money but waste it, set up big government agencies staffed by overpaid federal employees with extravagant pensions, keep big globs of it for themselves, and hand out freebies to their voter base–can he? If we do all that, we’ll save our lives? This guy is an even bigger schmendrick than Anthony “Carlos Danger” Wiener.

Look at the leaders our nation pukes up. Has any people ever, in all of history, been governed by such a worthless pack of wackos, morons, thieves, liars, sex maniacs, and con men as we are? You’d think it’d make us ashamed!



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    1. That would be part of the Carbon Tax.
      The thing to remember about NJ is that the teachers’ union OWNS it. Hence all this Democrat stuff. God help us.

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