Silenced in Seattle, Gagged in New York

A government that engages in frivolous mischief has way too much money and needs to be cut back until it can’t afford the mischief anymore.

Case in point: a little item in the Drudge Report yesterday, “Seattle officials call for ban on ‘potentially offensive’ language.”

Uh… isn’t all language “potentially offensive”? But the city’s Office of Civil Rights–if your city can afford to have an office of civil rights, human rights, whatever, your city government has too much money–wants to do away with the word “citizen” because it doesn’t include everyone physically present in Seattle, and people who are not citizens might be offended, or fall down foaming at the mouth, or break out in hives, if they hear or read that word.

They also don’t want anyone to use the term “brown bag,” as in “a brown bag lunch,” for that will be offensive to African-Americans who make a career out of being offended.

This city needs its budget reduced until all persons engaged in such inane meddling are unemployed.

Meanwhile, in New York City, the municipal department of education has eschewed a number of common, everyday words.

For instance, the education muck-a-mucks now don’t want to use the word “dinosaur” because it might upset “fundamentalists” (lib-speak: a derogatory term for any Christian who actually believes in Christianity).

This is incredible. First, I know of no “fundamentalist” who insists that there were no dinosaurs. Secondly, coming from the edu-blockheads who run the city schools, and every day club fundamentalists’ children over the head with commercials for sodomy and gender-bending, and sermons on the rightness of abortion, it’s a bit rich, soft-pedaling dinosaurs because they don’t want to hurt Christians’ feelings. These morons have never kept it a secret that they despise Christianity and Christians.

But they also want to get rid of the word “birthday,” because it just might inspire “negative emotions” in some oddball somewhere. Again, this applies to any word in any language.

These “civil rights” language police won’t be happy until we’re all going around with duct tape over our mouths, free to speak only when they give us leave.

Let’s start with a 25% across-the-boards cut in government revenues–city, state, and federal alike–and see where we ought to go from there. Keep cutting until there’s no more diversity, human rights, inclusiveness, yatta-yatta, all the rest.

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  1. Unbelievable, and thanks Lee for your watchdogging. This hysterical fear about “offending people” is a thousand times more offensive than actually offending a fellow citizen. It reminds me of that earlier story you broke about the meddling school that wanted to outlaw soccer balls because the boys might play too rough. Give me a break. Children need to learn the rough and tumble, it builds character. And are we so thin-skinned that we have to police our language? And I mean literally police. Pardon my language but the government- and the courts- have no place in my bedroom and they have no place in my mouth either. If I want to “brown baggit” to work I’ll bloody well brown baggit. Pardon my French but this is not a “slippery slope” to state sponsored fascism, it is in fact already state sponsored fascism.

    Again, please excuse my anger, but Lee’s latest story has turned me into a “Steamed Colleague.” On a serious note, all CITIZENS (yes, it’s ok to be a citizen) must act angrily, strongly, and quickly to stop this ever increasing encroachment on our civil liberties.

    I didn’t get where I am today by being afraid to say “brown baggit.”

    1. It really is shameful and humiliating to be governed by such schmucks. (And I think it’s still OK, in America, to use “bloody” as an adjective or adverb. Just don’t say “dinosaur.”)

  2. Very well put Lee, and Jessica’s comments express my feelings also. We run into this foolishness day by day. The more money they steal the more foolishness we have to contend with. In total exasperation I can only say, ” Come Lord Jesus.” The longer I live, the more I can see the depth of what the Apostle Paul declared, ” To die is gain.” Keep writing Brother Citizen and don’t forget your brown bag as you leave the house. I believe I’ll start carrying one even if it’s empty. I’ll write on the side of it in bright bold letters. “THIS IS MY BROWN BAG!” I’ll probably be arrested.

    Dale G. ( aka, Dogmatic Old Cuss )— Nampa, Idaho

  3. You nailed it, Lee. This is literally about false gods. Fail to worship the One True God and you will end up worshipping something else. Without a solid standard, people will,find themselves answering to every foolish whim that comes along.

  4. All of you have expressed my sentiments exactly. I am so tired of all this drivel. The instigators of this crap (there, I have used a word that I am sure will offend almost everybody) must be brought up short, with a firm jerk on their chains before we all end up in the “crazy house”

    1. Amen!

      We should be free to say what we want. We are also responsible for what we say, so a responsible adult will keep this in mind.

      If I had a retail business and made a practice of insulting various ethnic groups, I would have no one to blame but myself when my business suffered, but I am free, by constitutional right, to say whatever I want.

      Right now, there is a lot of hateful invective being flung in the public realm. This is a shame and totally counterproductive, but I defend the legal right to freedom of speech, even if I may find some of that speech offensive. Along with freedom of speech, I have freedom of choice. I can choose not to associate with or do business with someone that I find offensive or menacing. Of course the Left would be having fits by this point in the dialogue, but that’s their problem.

  5. The Leftids claim to be such snowflakes and are all for “social justice”, then they exalt Hollywood movies permeated with offensive language (“F” being their favorite word, “mother f” their second favorite word). They are awarded Oscars, Emmys & Grammys. Even the animated movies for children are chuck full of derisive speech. Calling names is the trade of our Late Nite so-called comedians. Where does all this end? In the fires of divine judgment. Will someone please wash my feet?

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