I Stand Corrected

Imagine my dismay when, immediately after writing that I don’t know anyone who denies that dinosaurs ever existed, I discovered that the Internet is full of very silly persons who deny that dinosaurs existed.

“God is not a man, that He should lie” (Numbers 23:19) is a verse known to everyone who takes the Bible seriously. Therefore we rule out the possibility that God just tricked us by planting dinosaur bones in the earth, when He never created such creatures.

Most of the dino-denial seems to be coming from conspiracy theorists and other kooks. “Corporations” created all these fake fossils and planted them all over the world, probably to get us to buy Rice Krispies. Somehow the folks who made Frothee didn’t get in on this.

No, no–not the corporations! It was the secret allies of the Lizard People who created the fiction of dinosaurs, to cover up the successful invasion of earth by reptiloids from wherever.

Although the Bible makes no specific mention of dinosaurs, I take it for granted that God created them: because all that lives is the work of His hands. Having created them, what has God done with them? That’s one of the first questions I’ll ask when I get to Heaven.

Are there dinosaur hoaxes? Of course. Have there been dinosaurs that never really existed, but were mistakenly cobbled together by scientists out of unrelated parts? Yes, and more than you might think–it’s very easy to make mistakes when you’re trying to un-jumble a bone bed. Like all the rest of us, paleontologists are subject to wishful thinking, preconceived notions, the desire to one-up their colleagues, and the need to be recognized as real smart guys. And sometimes they just plain get it wrong. Big deal.

If you are offended by the word “dinosaur,” or the possibility that the guy over there by the water fountain might actually believe that dinosaurs existed…

You are a kook, and you should just shut up.

6 comments on “I Stand Corrected

  1. Straight shootin Lee. Your closing statement, a bit harsh but something that really needed saying. The fields of so called science are a laughable joke. One of my favorite reads that reveals so much about modern science and the multitudes of it’s outrages lies is, ” Forbidden Archaeology,” by by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson. I’m not saying I agree with them on what they believe, but it’s worth a look. Very enlightening indeed. Keep shootin straight Brother.


    1. I read Forbidden Archeology! That was really interesting, up to the point the authors went all New Age on us. Of course, that then made me suspect everything they had to say before that point was reached. And that’s way too bad, because some of the info in their book just might be true.

    2. I agree with your view on their work Lee. It was an interesting read though. I like the fact that they called into question what is commonly taught in the field of archaeology, as if it were all true. I do agree with them, that it does need to be questioned. Their work, at the very least, convinced me of that.

  2. Right on the mark, Lee..even though the Dino’s are not specificaly mentioned in the Bible..I rationalize that the Dino’s and that environment were required for what we are utilizing now…OIL! It is also my belief that Our Lord..in his infinite wisdom, KNEW that we would require that element in the future..AMAZING, but not surprising!
    (Besides, Fred and Barney had a pet Dino, so right there if irrefutable proof that they existed..right)?

  3. I was also going to mention Barney the Purple Dino, but I decided to spare you all…it’s getting more absurd by the minute.

  4. AND just what is absurd about Barney the Purple Dino..huh?
    How about Puff the Magic Dragon and Godzilla….ALL verifiable on the Internet and our objective Media..Oh Ye of little faith! 😉

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