Do We Believe This?

The papers and the airwaves have been full of news of “something big” planned by “Al-Qaeda on steroids,” the biggest terrorist strike ever, we’re on the alert, embassies shut down, Benghazi really pumped them up to think they can blow our brains out anytime, anywhere…

Now, don’t you feel like a right dickey-doo-dah for not wanting the NSA spying on you? Now can you see they only peek into your bank account to keep us safe from jihad maniacs?

So if “something big” really does happen, they’ll say “See! We told you!” And if it doesn’t happen, they’ll say “See! We nipped it in the bud!” Either way, it’ll be, “And we never would’ve known about it if we didn’t have the NSA spy-on-everybody program!”

Why is this business so oddly reminiscent of the Great Mark McGwireSammy Sosa Home Run Race? What’s that nasty smell in the background?

In other news this weekend, we hear of a newly-discovered “sex tape” that reveals “how Monica Lewinsky seduced Bill Clinton.” Does anybody believe there would be any difficulty involved in “seducing” Bill Clinton? Are we being asked to believe that this predatory wench led our poor, unsuspecting president astray?

America’s news media–all fantasy, all the time.

And now for something completely different…

Just a subtle reminder that this blog exists to drum up interest in my books–the Bell Mountain series of fantasy novels. Just click on “Books” and you’ll see them all. Will you please at least look at them? I mean, really…!

In contrast with the fantasies and tall tales put out there by our “news” media, my fantasies are clearly labeled as products of the imagination, and beyond the price of a book–paperback or Kindle–will cost you nothing.

I have no idea what “news” fantasies wind up costing America, but I’m sure it runs up into the trillions of dollars.

At least you can put a book on the shelf and read it again sometime. So, while we still have some freedom left, c’mon–give my books a whirl.

3 comments on “Do We Believe This?

  1. Sounds so familiar..seems I recall Joseph Gobbels and Adolph were using a similar ploy to “save Germany and Humanity” from the curses of Communisim and World Jewry..and then of course there was “The Gulf of Tonkin, Weapons of Mass Destruction…and OH YEAH..”Remember The Maine”!! Seems as if ALL Tyrants have “read the same book’!

    1. I’m a pretty credulous guy, but they totally lost me with the Clinton-Lewinsky role reversal. Green Martians, flying dragons, and Ents are a lot easier to believe in than that.

    2. Yes, I agree with you Lee..I would sooner deal with the Ents’, Klingons and Little Green Peoples, than with those to Scumbag-Perverts! I believe that the “fairy-tail” that the media has woven about these two..and indicitive of just what the media thinks or perceives of our intellect, and us in general as an audience!

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