And Now For Something Truly Disgusting…

As reported Aug. 12 in The Washington Times ( ), there is now a youtube video of a little boy praying to Barack Obama, our First Voter Fraud President. The video is entitled, “Prayer for President Barack Obama,” but as soon as the kid closes his eyes and opens his mouth, he is obviously praying to the Marxist community organizer.

(This video has been pulled from most of its location and has become difficult to find. Maybe you can see it on this link to WND, below.)

Video stunner: Boy prays to Obama

Some of the quotes from this prayer beggar description. “Thank you [Obama] for doing everything… God has give you special power… you are good, Barack Obama, you are great…”

Hello? Where are the black churches? Where are the African-American pastors who are supposed to be teaching their congregations that you do not worship sinful mortal men as gods? What kind of depraved creature would stand by and let a child fall into such a terrible error?

In Acts 14:8-18, Paul and Barnabas, visiting the pagan city of Lystra, heal a man who was crippled from birth. Of course, they knew and we know it was the power of God that worked the miracle; but as the pagans of Lystra saw it, the miracle was done by Paul and Barnabas themselves. They leaped to the conclusion that these two men were pagan gods, Jupiter and Mercury, visiting them in mortal guise–and were determined to sacrifice some oxen to them. “Which when the apostles, Paul and Barnabas, heard of, they rent their clothes, and ran in among the people, crying out, and saying, Sirs, why do ye these things? …And with these sayings scarce restrained they the people, that they had not done sacrifice unto them.”

Why is Obama himself not protesting against being treated as a god? It’s not the first time it’s happened, and he has never once uttered a word of complaint about it.

Think long and hard, America, what it means that you have such a man as this to be your leader.

3 comments on “And Now For Something Truly Disgusting…

  1. Yes, this is truly abominable, sad to see it foisted upon a child, or anyone.
    As the Scriptures warn us, there will be great apostasy in the last days, and if we can’t see it all around us we surely are blind. Praying to ANYONE except God is very risky, to say the least. It is idolatry, which is Father’s greatest hate. We are to love only what HE loves and hate what HE hates.

    1. Some of these libs are gonna have to do some pretty fast talking, come the Judgment. “You taught the child to pray to a politician… why?”

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