A Satire That’s Become Reality (Aaaagh!)

Remember Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, who predicted the disaster and wound up saying, “I hate being right, all of the time”? I’m beginning to get a sense of how he felt.

Just over two years ago, in the June 26, 2011, edition of NewsWithViews ( http://www.newswithviews.com ), I published a satire entitled, “A New Bible for a New Age.” It was a satire making fun of liberal churchmen trying to rewrite the Bible to make it conform to their own asinine and indefensible beliefs. My New Age Bible included a “New New Testament.”

And behold–now there really is a New New Testament, compiled by some clown from the Jesus Seminar–an outfit devoted to “disproving” the divinity of Christ–and the usual gaggle of renegade churchmen and ministerettes from the usual flatline demoninations. (Sorry, but I don’t want to call them “denominations” anymore. “Demoninations” is more accurate.)

What they did was to add to the New Testament ten “new books,” actually old books rejected by the Church centuries ago for being full of Gnostic heresies. This is not just diluting the New Testament; it’s poisoning the well.

Why did they do that? Says the publisher’s PR guy, for two reasons:

*To advance a feminist agenda

*And to stress “the importance of the teachings of Christ, rather than His redemptive death, which has alienated Christians [sic] who seek to square their faith with reason.”

So, as is always the case with these fimbos, their real object of worship is not God, but themselves and their own sin-corrupted, severely limited power of “reason.” And their authority is not the word of God, but what they think the word of God should be. None of this “redemption” stuff, thank you! Wonderful people like these don’t need redemption.

But in the meantime, how about that? I write a satire, a lampoon, a joke–and then they do the very thing that I imagined them doing! Right down to the bleedin’ title: A New New Testament.

Satires are not supposed to come true; but this one did.

God help us.

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  1. Reblogged this on Ezekiel Countdown and commented:
    Highly encourage following the NWV link, with which I absolutely agree. Is there anyone who will stand up?! In service to our Beloved LORD? What of the command to occupy? Alas, the cash register at a death-way bookstores continue to tally manna while lauding those who slap “christ” on paganism, monastacism, entering the “silence” (contemplative spirituality) all the while assuring unsuspecting souls it’s a-okay! Tread carefully, brethren, for a landmind has been set by seducing spirits (read Jude) which devises cunning fables to draw many toward a “christ” not found within scripture. ” … for thou hast magnified thy Name above all things by thy word.”

    1. Not to mention idols, goddess-worship, Sufi dances, sodomite and lesbian pseudo-weddings, “gay” clergy, labyrinth walking, re-imagining conferences and croning ceremonies–the whole cornucopia of of flatline Protestant pseudo-Christianity.

  2. Sounds like satan has just ramped up his old, tired, “has God really said”
    routine. Talk about boring. He never comes up with anything new. I guess, as long as he is getting followers he sees no need.

  3. Poor Lee. You’re a prophet in the mold of the Old Testament prophets – delivering news the majority doesn’t want to hear. In fact, you didn’t know you were prophesying at the time, but deliver the news you did! That’s how God works.

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