The Ideology of Stupid

Hardly a day goes by without some bozo with The New York Times, The Huffington Post, or The Washington Post, or an overpaid academic, or babbling Democrat prating about the scourge of “income inequality.”

None of these turkeys ever shows up on your doorstep to hand you a check that makes your income equal to theirs. They complain about “income inequality” at $10,000-a-plate dinners.

I propose that from now on, anyone who speaks of “income inequality” as a problem to be solved–especially by government–be pushed down a long, steep flight of stairs.

Could we please use our heads for a minute? The term “income inequality” necessarily implies that there must be such a thing as “income equality.” But does anyone know when that ever existed? Or where–except in a cemetery?

Would anyone even want a state of “income equality”–in which the industrious and the bone-idle, the creative and the dull, the diligent and the indolent, the skilled and the inept, the dedicated and the what-me-worry, the deserving and the undeserving… all get exactly the same income? Why do these morons talk as if such a thing were actually desirable, something we ought to strive for?

Nothing good can come of releasing such toxic stupidity into any discussion of, or meditation on, public policy.

But just try to pry it loose from “progressive” ideology, and see how far you get.

4 comments on “The Ideology of Stupid

  1. Just another term for socialism. They keep it all and distribute what they think you need – that is, after they’ve taken all they want.

    1. Aristides once said to Themistocles, upon his being elected General of Athens, “The really excellent thing in a general, Themistocles, is to keep the money from sticking to his fingers.” Themistocles wasn’t very good at that aspect of his job.

  2. The downside of being inspired by the Holy Spirit is the awareness given of how fallen this world is and how sinful sin really is. Without God, the more man becomes “educated” the dumber he becomes.

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