‘The Price of Citizenship’

Did you know that being forced to act against your religious beliefs is “the price of citizenship” in America? It must be true: a federal judge says so. ( http://www.redstate.com/2013/08/22/losing-the-battle-winning/ )

This he said in regard to a case in New Mexico, in which the state punished a Christian photographer–she and her husband are a mom-and-pop business–for not obeying a demand by a lesbian to film her mockery of a marriage. Religious beliefs, said the judge, are always trumped by “tolerance.”

There is no give and take here. Homosexuals win, Christians lose: every single time. This is what our ruling class calls “tolerance.” To be “tolerant,” to be a “citizen,” means to do things you believe to be sin whenever a homosexual or a bureaucrat or a judge demands it of you.

I am a writer. I write books for money. What if a homosexual were to say to me, “I will pay you to write a novel about two men falling in love and [censored] each other till the cows come home”? Naturally, I would consider that a monstrous abuse of my God-given talent, and I would refuse. I would have to refuse, just as I would refuse to worship an image of a president. Would the devouring state wipe me out for that?

In a New York minute, brethren. In a New York minute.

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  1. They can lock us up, they can fine us, but we need to remember to Whom it is that we belong to and what He has so graciously aloud us to become, a couple of old dogmatic cusses, foreheads of flint, and hearts filled with the love of God, and His kingdom causes. Let them throw their evil filth where they like, but we will be the victors in the end. All them judges will be judged.

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