Why the Good Guys Always Lose

If you want to see a sterling illustration of why the “pro-family” side never, never comes out on top in any struggle with the anti-family Left, visit townhall.com today and read Rebecca Hagelin’s column, “Culture Challenge of the Week: Public School Culture.”

After using three-quarters of her space to prove that public schools today are in the business of actively promoting homosexuality to children, she goes on to suggest a plan to keep your own children from being brainwashed. Here it is, in brief.

1. Warn your children about the propaganda which they’ll be fed at school; and after every school day, de-program them.

2. Make sure the school’s teachers and administrators know your concerns. And, when they pick themselves up off the floor after laughing hysterically and rolling around with tears in their eyes,

3. “Educate teachers… about the religious and speech rights of all students.”

I’ll have more to say about this in next week’s Newswithviews column. But in the meantime, could I please have a sip of whatever joy-juice it is that Ms. Hagelin is drinking? It must be powerful stuff!

With all due respect (she seems like a nice lady) to Ms. Hagelin, you have hopelessly, totally failed to understand the nature of your enemy. You couldn’t be more wrong if you wanted to be.

Do you think you’re dealing with honest, fair-minded people who play by the rules and respect other points of view? Well, you ain’t!

The only way to protect children from the public schools is not to put them in the public schools. Period.

6 comments on “Why the Good Guys Always Lose

  1. Hey Lee,

    I spent nearly a decade educating professing Christians about what was going on in schools, WITH the documents from the schools, boards, and provinces to demonstrate/prove it. I still had parents talk about trying to ‘change the system’, and leaving their kids in to be a ‘witness’ in their schools. This lady is likely sympathetic to that thinking. Mar Beth Tucker


    1. Sort of like knocking your head against a brick wall, isn’t it? Yes, leave your little 9-year-olds in public school to be “salt and light”–just like the Christians were salt and light to the lions in the Coliseum.

      We have to train our heads to be harder than the bricks.

  2. That’s like paying someone to put a virus on your computer every day, and then every night doing all the annoying stuff it takes to get a virus off your computer.

  3. Right on, Lee and Laura. And in the end of the day when the whole system is trashed and ruined, why cry and complain that nothing works any more.

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