How to Relate to a Liberal

Let’s face it–we all have at least one family member who’s a liberal. It feels kind of like being related to a horse thief or a pickpocket. Yes, it makes us cringe. It’s embarrassing to be seen in public with someone who believes in Global Warming and thinks China has a really super government.

We get tired of fighting with this person all the time. How can you reason with anyone who thinks Al Gore is a sage? You’re better off arguing with a tree stump. You can’t give in to any of his absurd opinions, and you can’t quite bring yourself to disown him. You could try asking him or her, very nicely, to walk ten paces behind you if the two of you have to go anywhere, and pretend you don’t know each other. But that probably won’t fly.

I find the best way to get along, although it can be a challenge, is to find neutral topics to discuss together. Maybe you share a common interest in movies, salamanders, beer, or whatnot. Of course, you never know when an innocent conversation might suddenly take a turn for the worse. You’re chatting happily away about Journey to the Center of the Earth and suddenly he brings up Avatar. The only hope of salvaging peace is quickly and slyly to shift to a another subject–“Say, do you remember that old lady who lived across the street from us when we were kids: the one who used to confiscate any whiffle-balls that wound up in her yard? I heard she poisoned her husband…” (Here we resort to fiction, just to get away from Avatar. We can repent later.)

Maybe some of you out there have found more efficient or humane methods of coping with this situation. Please share them. When it comes to living with a liberal, we all need good advice.

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  1. Liberals come in three categories:
    1. The insane (liberalism is a mental disorder)
    2. The stupid (why do you think you think?)
    3. The blackly evil. (there is no truth)

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