Our Air Force’s New H-Bomb

A 19-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force has been suspended from duty, received a Miranda warning, and will be court-martialed–for saying he believes that homosexuality is a sin. He said so because his openly-lesbian commanding officer ordered him to state his views. Oops, wrong view.

But hey, I’m cool with that. I see the light. America’s ruling class is head-over-heels in love with sodomy.

All I ask now is that they practice what they preach. Show me you’re sincere, O mighty ones.

Obama and Kerry in a “gay” mockmarriage–with live TV of the “wedding” night activities, because we can’t just take their word for it…

Chris Christie, who says he’s a practicing Catholic (he needs to practice harder) and “it’s not a sin” as far as he’s concerned, starring in a gay porn film…


You know something? I can’t write the rest of this. I’m grossing myself out. Besides, the total destruction of morality and decency in the whole Western world just isn’t funny anymore. And how do you satirize the reality of an Air Force sergeant, with 19 years’ honorable service to his name, getting a Miranda warning–as if he’d raped or murdered someone, or robbed a liquor store–for believing what the Bible says is true?

This is the air force which our glorious leaders are so hot to send to war in Syria–and any prayers offered up for victory will be abomination.

I have a very bad feeling about this. Don’t you?


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