A Progress Report

I hate to tear myself away from Bell Mountain #7, The Glass Bridge. I thought I might have started writing it in late March or early April, but my notebook tells me May 2.

At the rate it’s going–despite tons of interruptions–I can expect to be done before the leaves fall. And yet as fast as I’ve been going, every step forward has been a step into the unknown. I say a prayer, sit down with my pen and legal pad, and trust in God to give me the story, bit by bit.

I have also discovered that I’ll need a Book #8 to finish all that business with the Thunder King. And then what? Stop?

Well, I hope not. This is the work I love best. I’ve got a whole fantasy world to explore: my books so far have only scratched the surface.

Unlike Democrats and other left-wing jidrools, I don’t expect you to actually believe my fantasies and take action based on that belief. Unlike their fantasies–e.g., redefining marriage won’t hurt our culture one little bit–mine are clearly understood to be products of the imagination.

And I’m pretty sure my fantasies can’t hurt you.


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