Your Public Schools at Work… Again

Girl with Zombie Hunter toy gun. I thought only zombies were supposed to be afraid of this.

Free Republic this morning carried the story of a 12-year-old kid in Virginia Beach, VA, who has been suspended from school for playing with a plastic toy gun… at home. In his front yard. In fact, school officials are thinking of expelling him for the rest of the year.

The plastic gun is boldly labeled “Zombie Hunter.” I don’t think Smith & Wesson makes that model.

In my generation practically every boy, and most of the girls, played with toy guns. Unlike the current generation of the publicly schooled, we never picked up real guns and massacred our classmates.

So are the “educators” in Virginia Beach so daft, so stupid, as to believe a child with his Zombie Hunter is a threat to public safety? And if they are as moronic as all that, why does anyone send a child to be “educated” by such boobies?

J’accuse… American parents would send their kids to school at Rahway State Prison, to be instructed by the inmates, if it was the only “free” school around. If it’d keep the kids out of their hair for the day. As it is, they send ’em to public schools run by atheists, commies, sexual predators, and idiots.

There may even be a few zombies running the schools in Virginia Beach.

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  1. This is really creepy because this kid was at HOME, not even on school property. Since when can these “educators” decide what kids can and can’t do in their own homes on their own free time??!

    1. You know how it is. People who get away with a few crimes go on to commit many crimes. Those who get away with small crimes go on to commit bigger ones. And “educators” have gotten away with a lot! Teaching small children that the Bible is hate speech, everyone should try homosexuality, America is bad and communism is good–hey, these wicked persons see themselves as “change agents.”

      Why, why, why don’t parents pull their kids out of the public schools? There is no chance America will ever be right again unless public education is destroyed.

    2. You’ll be happy to know that your comment has inspired my next News With Views Column, “Who Do They Think They Are?” It’ll appear this coming Thursday.

  2. Lee, unfortunately your viewpoint on this incident is greatly uninformed. I live in Virginia Beach and if you were to have researched the actions of the middle schoolers you would understand that it wasn’t just a toy gun. It was a pellet gun that was used to shoot 6 other children. Multiple eyewitness reported that the kids “playing with toy guns” were not only on private property. They were seen running throughout the neighborhood shooting at other kids.

    Be assured that the VB School system fully investigated the incident. Many conservative pro gun people in Virginia Beach now support the actions of the school system after learning the complete story. I’m all for the 2nd amendment. I am not for propagandizing a story to push my beliefs. Your incendiary posts on this is no better than the hopped up “activists” in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

    1. I almost believed you–“I’m all for the 2nd Amendment”–until right at the end of your comment, when you saw fit to insult me.

      I reported on the story as I found it in various media outlets. Given that reports of mindless “zero tolerance” actions by mindless school officials come to us every day from all parts of the country, who would ever disbelieve a report that VA Beach schools suspended a kid for playing with a toy gun at home?

      For a slightly later, much better researched news story by reporter Andy Fox, from Sept. 23, with a link to his follow-up story, Sept. 26, see .

      The kids involved were using “airsoft” guns, which fire harmless plastic balls, and playing an “airsoft war.” Instead of having you yell “bang! bang!” like we did when we were kids, they were shooting plastic balls at each other. And some overacculturated sissy in the neighborhood complained, got all bent out of shape about it, “they’re making me uncomfortable.” Sheesh.

      So the three kids were “suspended” from school until June. Not “expelled,” school officials insist. Can someone tell me the difference between being suspended for the whole school year, and expelled?

      Airsoft guns are not BB guns, in the sense of “You’ll put your eye out,” and the plastic balls are not BB’s, even though they are often called BB’s. So, based on Andy Fox’s investigation, what we have here is some kids getting kicked out of school for playing with toy guns off school property and outside of school hours.

      I rest my case.

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