Shock! Justice Scalia Believes in the Devil!

On Free Republic this morning we read that a CNN reporter was flummoxed recently when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia revealed, just in passing, that he believes in the existence of Satan.

You could’ve knocked her over with a feather. Imagine that–a grown man believing in the Devil! Why, no one in the CNN newsroom does! Shouldn’t he be impeached or something? I’ll bet he believes in God, too! Does Justice Ginsburg know about this? Oh, the scandal!

I would like to ask what left-wing noozie Beltway cocktail party-goers believe in. What do they hold sacred? What would they defend as fiercely as a mother bear defends her cubs?

Let’s see… (Examines check list) Abortion. Homosexuality. Evolution. Atheism. Gun control. Islam, for some strange reason. Alternative families, whatever they’re supposed to be. The public schools. Attack any one of them, and see what happens. If you were to defend the Christian religion with the same maniacal zeal with which a prog will defend any one of these, you would be termed a religious fanatic: a real nut case.

Believing in Satan is nowhere near as silly as believing that high taxes will stop Global Warming, Big Government can and should enforce “income equality,” life on earth just sort of created itself by chance, the human race should be ruled by an elite class of Experts, or any of the other childish absurdities unquestioningly embraced by Leftist chowderheads.

But the funniest part of it all is that although they say they don’t believe in Satan, they live and breathe to serve him.


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