Doubling Down on Global Warming

The Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times are again beating the drum for Global Warming. We’ve only got till the year 2047, the AP babbled yesterday .Then the temperature’s gonna shoot up and we’re all gonna die.

Following one of the coolest summers ever recorded, the revelations of “Climategate” which revealed the massive lying and cheating indulged in by “climate scientists” to make their point, and the outcry by hundreds of real scientists that this is all humbug, Global Warming has fallen upon hard times. No one with any sense believes in it anymore.

When, then, is the Hard Left doubling down on it?

This is what you need to understand, so you can explain it to your friends who get all their “news” from the B.S. media.

They can’t give up on Global Warming because it’s just too good a gig for them. It’s the “open, sesame” to unlock an undreamed-of wealth of tyranny. Pay us higher and higher taxes, give up more and more of your freedom, give us power over every aspect of your lives–or else you’re all dead kippers. We, the experts, are your only hope!

The beauty of it is that, if we give them all that they demand, and nothing happens–and it bloody well isn’t going to happen, because it’s all a hoax–they can say, “See? It worked–we saved you!”

But if we all do start to fry, they can always say, “Oh, no–you didn’t give us enough power and money! You gotta give us more!”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have to live like the poor souls in The Hunger Games just on their say-so.


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