Writing with Jurassic Ink

There’s so much going on, it’d drive you crazy to try to keep track of it. If I tried to write about it all, I’d go into a decline. I mean, just look at our poor country. You could just sit down and cry.

Hmm… A wasp just landed on my hand and didn’t sting me. I find that encouraging.

So how about this for news today? From the fossil of an extinct squid which they believed to be 150 million years old, scientists in England have extracted black ink and used it to draw a picture of the living animal. ( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/5794280/Scientists-draw-squid-using-its-150-million-year-old-fossilised-ink.html ) How does that grab you?

All right, the ink wasn’t just sloshing around in liquid form. But all they had to do was add some ammonia solution to the contents of the squid’s ink sac, and, as they say in England, bob’s your uncle.

Now, how can it be that this ink is still useable after 150 million years? It’d make a great Bic commercial–“Still good after 150 million years!” Is our understanding of fossilization all wrong? Are we way off base in our estimation of the age of the fossils? Is today’s “science” overdue to be re-labeled “quaint beliefs of yesteryear”?

And we get this just two days after the news about Triassic flowers! [See “Another Black Eye for Evolution,” Oct. 16] What a horrible week for Darwinism! It could hardly be worse if they’d found a Bronze Age arrowhead in the skull of a tyrannosaur.

In the battle between Scientific Dogma and Scientific Discovery, Mr. Darwin is backed into a corner and getting pounded into jelly.

Someone ought to stop the fight.

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