Principal to Parent: Shut Up!

We’re all in favor of the federal government micro-managing America’s vast multitude of public schools, right? Well, they say we are. Because our schools are pretty much of a joke throughout the civilized world, the devouring worm in Washington has come up with something it calls “Common Core.” Although it’s being implemented pretty much everywhere in the country, its actual content is pretty much a secret. But somehow getting the federal government into every single classroom, every day, deciding what exactly shall be taught and when, is supposed to give us “world-class” schools, according to compulsive liars.

What’s it really all about? Check out this little encounter, experienced by a parent in North Carolina:

“When I began seeing the ill effects of Common Core in my second grader’s classroom, I reached out to other parents and asked if it was just me. Other parents echoed how they did not like Common Core Math and what it was doing to their children. We asked for a meeting with the teacher and the principal. The principal denied us access as a group, and outright told me to stop communicating with other parents about the Common Core because I was generating ‘unrest.'” ( )

You ask, “Who do these people think they are?” I’ve told you who they think they are. They think they are “change agents” who are going to turn America into a socialist basket case run by dictators, and they are going to use America’s children to do it.

Let me shout it from the housetops: GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!! Why do you let these wacked-out communist wannabes “educate” your kids? GET OUT, OUT, OUT!

3 comments on “Principal to Parent: Shut Up!

  1. Excellent column. My daughter will become a teacher in FL soon, and she is astounded at how Common Core was presented vs. how and what it really is! I shared your column on and would like to have permission to share future columns there, of course always linked here and properly attributed. ~ Rita aka Jerseygal

    1. I’m happy to give permission. As a former teacher in a public school system, I find it hard to believe, what people are willing to put up with from their schools.

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